Mekar Plastik is dedicated to manufacturing top quality plastic, with an emphasis on plastic bags and plastic packaging. We provide a variety of products according to customer demand.


Plastic made from polyolefin film such as perforated and un-perforated BOPP Shrink Film, POF Shrinkable film and BOPP Plain film for local and oversea markets.

BOPP Shrink Film

This perforated and un-perforated poly propylene film material used vastly in bread, bakery products (micro perforated film) and noodles cup industries due to its high stiffness and balanced shrinkage properties.
  • POF Shrink Film

    This shrinkable film material is composed of polyethylene and polypropylene polymers. It inherits the exceptional properties of these polymers and has balanced shrinkage properties that resulting in excellent adherence to the products to be wrapped. POF is not toxic, it does not emit an offensive fume during heat sealing and its recyclable nature makes it an alternative to the environmentally unfriendly PVC material.
  • BOPP Plain Film

    This BOPP Plain film has a balanced orientation and used in general overwrapping. It can be used for album, VCD's, stationary, garment bags, etc.